Prosecco Road

From Conegliano to Vittorio Veneto I was looking for a place to see into the nature, and I came across the route of the Prosecco, proposed by the guide of Italian Touring Club, which starts from Conegliano and arrives in Vittorio Veneto. Conegliano Our day trip starts from Conegliano. We have parked the car (Piazzale […]

Venetian Lagoon: boat tour.

A Saturday afternoon we decided to take the opportunity to make a boat tour with Atn Laguna Sud. It has been a short ride to the fishing valleys area.  Laguna di Venezia: from Valle Cornio to the fishing house of  Valle Zappa Boarding is in Valle Cornio. The boat also has the opportunity to enjoy […]

Venice: walking between the Ghetto and Ca’ d’Oro.

A morning in Venice We always  try to write about the beauties of our territory that goes beyond Venice. This does not mean that we do not like our beautiful lagoon city. We propose a walk to Cannaregio, outside the crowding of Strada Nova. Arriving in Venice Bus is the ideal way to reach Venice […]

Riviera del Brenta: Villa Tito

Villa Tito is one of the villas on the Brenta Riviera, recently made accessible thanks to VilleCard. It is one of the villas damaged by the tornado of July 2015 which hit a part of the Riviera del Brenta. Villa Tito has suffered damage in the garden. Visiting Villa Tito in Riviera del Brenta Villa […]

On the banks of the river Lèmene: Portogruaro and Concordia Sagittaria.

Portogruaro can be a pleasant surprise for the visitor. Located in the area on the north of Venice, between Venice and Trieste. It has always been a focal point for communication so as to attract the interest of the Republic of Venice as early as 1420. It is in this period that the city enjoys […]

Cycling in Lio Piccolo, Venetian lagoon

If you love nature, Lio Piccolo is your place. Our advice is to do it by bike if you want to explore it. Lio Piccolo, Venetian lagoon With our car and bikes we have reached Treporti. You can park your car near the cimitery along Via Saccagnana, and start your cycle tour from there. Turn […]

Oasi Valle Averto, Venetian lagoon

WWF Oasis Valle Averto is a fishing valley of the Venetian lagoon. It is the only one where hunting is forbidden. Valle Averto includes extensive salty ponds, reed beds, wet woodlands and canals within one of the most famous wetlands of the world.   Waterbirds are present with many species and in big numbers (even […]

Tour of the islands of the Venetian lagoon

The islands of the Venetian lagoon are very different from each other and have different stories to tell. We left Fusina with an organized boat, but the islands can be safely done by public transport Actv (information at the end of the article). “San Francesco del Deserto”, Venetian lagoon The first island is San Francesco […]

Caorle: not only beaches.

Sometimes, when the days here in Mira are a little gray, we just move a few kilometers to find the sun reaching, for example, one of the beachesalong the Adriatic sea. Caorle is a beach area and there is a nice promenade along the sea … and much more. Besides the beach, Caorle boasts a […]

Venetian Lagoon

Chioggia, lagoon of Venice, Pellestrina, Ca’ Roman The Venitian lagoon is spectacular. It has a lot to show and to tell. We participated in a tour in the South part of the Lagoon starting from Chioggia, with a “bragozzo“, typical boat of the  lagoon. Chioggia (Southern part of the lagoon of Venice) The departure is […]