Venetian Lagoon: boat tour.

A Saturday afternoon we decided to take the opportunity to make a boat tour with Atn Laguna Sud. It has been a short ride to the fishing valleys area. 

Atn, Laguna sud, Venezia

Laguna di Venezia: from Valle Cornio to the fishing house of  Valle Zappa

Boarding is in Valle Cornio. The boat also has the opportunity to enjoy the ride by staying outside.

You sail along the Cornio canal, and along one side you have Valle Averto Oasis and on the other Valle Cornio and Valle Contarina. You can see Casone Averto (currently abandoned). The vegetation is lush and being the whole lagoon area a rest area for the wintering of waterfowl, it is easy to spot them.

Laguna di Venezia

You then arrive in the Venetian lagoon. In the distance, you can see the coasts that divide the lagoon from the sea, including Pellestrina, the “murazzi” (a dam) and Ca ‘Roman on the extreme left.
Flanking the embankments populated by tamarisks, you arrive at the fishing house of Valle Zappa, the first stop of the tour.
Here you can observe the fixed structures used for catching fish. The captain of the boat shows us how the capture of the fish and its breeding takes place.

Valle da pesca, Laguna di Venezia

Laguna di Venezia: from the fishing house to the “Casone” Zappa

The navogation goes on  between salt marshes and ruins of old abandoned fishing houses.

Laguna di Venezia

In the distance you can see the unmistakable shape of the Casone Zappa in northern Gothic style. The casone was built between 1923 and 1928 and on the main facade stands the emblem of the casone depicting three hoes.

Laguna di Venezia

Laguna di Venezia, Casone Zappa
The complex is also equipped with a barchessa (the original part of the casone even if restructured in the Nordic style) and the sighting tower, an observatory to spot the animals, and still used as a water cistern.

Casone zappa, Laguna di Venezia
From here you can enjoy a beautiful view of the lagoon.

Vista Laguna di Venezia

Information on how to make the tour in the Laguna of Venezia

Atn Laguna sud is only 15 minutes away from Agriturismo Ca’ Marcello, which is on the SS 309 Romea. There is  a parking place.

To make a reservation call  +39 041 467 147 or write to
The dates are usually published in the facebook page of Atn Laguna sud.

We advice to make a reesrvation with a guide on board.

Laguna di Venezia, Casone Zappa

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