News! Tandem sit on top kayak doppio

A different and funny way to enjoy the “Riviera del Brenta”

Agriturismo Ca’ Marcello has two tandem kayaks sit on top for its guests.
The shape of these kayaks make them safe and suitable even for beginners.
Each kayak is for two persons, and paddles and life jackets (mandatory) are provided.

Tandem kayak, Riviera del Brenta, Venezia

The  Brenta canal hasn’t a  strong flow, so you can choose to go to the village of Oriago, very charming  tfrom the water. Also in Oriago there are several villas overlooking the Brenta and it is nice to admire them from the water.

The second possibility is to head towards Malcontenta and admire Villa Foscari (of Palladio) in all its splendor right from the water.

Paddling calmly you can watch the birds that visit this stretch of the Brenta from time to time: egrets, cattle egrets, cormorants, swans, and some moorhen.

Kayak tandem, Riviera del Brenta, Venezia

Rules for kayak rental to enjoy the Riviera del Brenta

  • To use kayaks it is necessary to know how to swim
  • Wear the life jacket that is supplied
  • Minors can use kayak if accompanied by an adult
  • Use comfortable clothing (you always get a little bit wet)
  • When you meet a boat (even if it is not frequent) it is better to stay close to the shore

We ask guests to tell us at least the day before the interest in using the kayak, to make sure there is the person who takes care of it and to agree on the timetable.

We are waiting for you in Riviera del Brenta !!