Prosecco Road

From Conegliano to Vittorio Veneto I was looking for a place to see into the nature, and I came across the route of the Prosecco, proposed by the guide of Italian Touring Club, which starts from Conegliano and arrives in Vittorio Veneto. Conegliano Our day trip starts from Conegliano. We have parked the car (Piazzale […]

(Italiano) 10 posti da vedere oltre Venezia

  10 places to see beyond Venice When you come to Agriturismo Ca’ Marcello, most of the time you want to visit Venice.However, those who stay for several days want to see something beyond Venice. Veneto has a lot to offer, and many places can be reached in a short time by car from Ca’ […]

(Italiano) Treviso, città d’acqua

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Treviso: along the Sile by bicycle

From Casale sul Sile to Treviso by bicycle (or on foot) The towpaths (the road that runs along the river) of the Sile allow you to travel the river along almost its entire course, from the center of Treviso to the mouth of the river. The road can be traveled by bicycle (there are many […]