(Italiano) 10 posti da vedere oltre Venezia

  10 places to see beyond Venice When you come to Agriturismo Ca’ Marcello, most of the time you want to visit Venice.However, those who stay for several days want to see something beyond Venice. Veneto has a lot to offer, and many places can be reached in a short time by car from Ca’ […]


Montagnana: fortified complex among the best preserved in the world Arriving in Montagnana you can immediately see the walls: 2 kilometers of perfectly preserved walled circle. A glance at which one does not remain indifferent. It is a small town, where you can get lost walking through its streets and under the arcades, stop to […]

Euganean Hills: Arquà Petrarca

One of the most beautiful villages (borgo) in Italy is located on the Euganean Hills: it is Arquà Petrarca. Arquà Petrarca In Arquà Petrarca, time seems to have stopped with its charm of an ancient medieval village. Its name derives probably from Arquata or Arquatum, because it is developed on the slopes of two hills […]

Castle of Catajo and Castle of San Pelagio (Euganean Hills area, Padua)

The Castle of Catajo and the Castle of San Pelagio, are located in the Euganean Hills area, near Padua. Close to each other, but very different, it is worth considering the visit of both. The Castle of Catajo The imposing body of the Catajo, at the foot of the Euganean Hills, stands out on the […]