Treviso: along the Sile by bicycle

From Casale sul Sile to Treviso by bicycle (or on foot)

The towpaths (the road that runs along the river) of the Sile allow you to travel the river along almost its entire course, from the center of Treviso to the mouth of the river.

Natura sul Sile, Treviso

The road can be traveled by bicycle (there are many dirt road but well-maintained), on foot and and the river by kayak. We have done it by bicycle and decided to start from Casale sul Sile, and to travel the 20 km to Treviso.

Walking along the Sile is beautiful in all seasons. When it’s hot, thanks to the shade of the trees, in autumn and winter, with the beautiful colors and reflections that the river offers, and in spring for the great awakening of nature that is not lacking here!

Casale sul Sile

Once in Casale sul Sile, you can park your car near the small river port, near the church.
The church of Casale sul Sile preserves frescoes by Tiepolo.

Right nearby there is also the Carrarese Tower which dates back to the 14th century (not open to visitors), testifying to how in the past it was an important fortified position.

Gira Sile, Treviso

We unload the bikes from the car, and immediately head towards Treviso following the signs. In this first section, the road branches off from the Sile. The signs to follow is the E4 that is Girasile itinerary. Be careful in this part as it is easy to take another way.

Reached Via Belvedere follow the cycle path, to turn left on Via Vicinale Rivalta. At the crossroads, always keep left to continue on the same road. From here the indications for the Girasile are clear and just follow them.

Gira Sile, Alzaie, Treviso

In Rivalta you begin to follow the Sile along the towpath, on a dirt road.

We are in the heart of  Sile natural park: we are enchanted by the lush nature and by the large amount of water birds that we meet.

Gira Sile, Alzaie, Treviso Gira Sile, Alzaie, Treviso

Gira Sile, Alzaie, Treviso Gira Sile, Alzaie, Treviso

In Cendon there is also the boat pass that transports bicycles and pedestrians from one part of the Sile to the other.

Casier di Treviso, along the Sile

Continuing our bicycle ride we arrive at Casier, with its beautiful river port and where the river creates a wide loop. On the square you can see an original water clock.

Casier, Treviso, Sile

Casier at down during winter time

Casier, Treviso, Sile

Continuing on, you come across a river widening where one of the numerous villas overlooks  the Sile.

Sono after on the opposti esige of the river, there the big mill of Silea.

Casier, Treviso, Sile

In a few minutes we arrive in a marshy area which is crossed by a long walkway (bicycles to be carried by hand) and we are enchanted by the cemetery of the burci. The burci were the boats that transpired the goods on the Sile until about 50 years ago. We owe the presence of the towpaths of the Sile right to the burci. In fact, to go up the river going against the current, animals (usually horses) were used, which towed the boats with ropes, moving on the towpath.
There are really many burci whose remains can be seen. They are sunken in the water and the area is very rich in water birds.

Cimitero dei burci, Treviso, Sile

Cimitero dei Burci. Summer.

Cimitero dei Burci, Trveiso, Sile

Cimitero dei Burci. Winter.

Cimitero dei burci, Treviso, Sile

At the end of the walkway, you can choose to continue turning left towards the “dead Sile” (Sole morto) (wide bend of the river no longer used for navigation), lengthening the path a bit, or turning right towards Treviso.

Cimitero dei burci, Treviso, Sile

We are now very close to Treviso and we are beginning to have large stretches of asphalted road.

Before arriving in the center you meet the last real port of the city of Treviso (at Fiera), and finally you approach the center, where the itinerary ends, on Piazza Garibaldi.

How to reach Casale sul Sile

From agriturismo  Ca’ Marcello, take the tangenziale towards Belluno and follow the signs for the exit of Casale sul Sile (last exit before the motorway toll station).
Continue to Casale sul Sile. Follow the signs for the center. When you see the church you have arrived at our starting point.

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