An itinerary in Brenta Riviera by bike

Ring route from the agriturismo Ca’ Marcello to Dolo and back

The cycling route of the Riviera del Brenta from Stra to Malcontenta / Fusina, is a classic that we often advice to do. This round trip  includes a part of the tour along the Riviera del Brenta.


The round bike tour starts from the Agriturismo Ca ‘Marcello.
Turning right you go along the Brenta and then take Via Seriola.
La Seriola is not an ordinary drainage channel: it was the ancient supply of drinking water for the Serenissima Venezia.
It was 13.5 km long and started in Dolo. On arrival in Fusina the water was loaded in special boats for Venice.
Seriola, Riviera del Brenta

Gambarare and Piazza Vecchia

You arrive at the end of the road (traffic light). Turn left towards Gambarare and Piazza Vecchia.
The church of Gambarare is among the most interesting in the area. Built in 1306 by the Hilarian monks, it was then remodeled, but retained part of the original structure.
At Piazza Vecchia are the remains of one of the columns placed to mark the border between Padua and Venice.
Airone Cenerino, Riviera del Brenta

Continue towards the Nuovissimo channel. Optionally you can stand on one side or the other of the canal. We advise you to stay on the left side as you have to continue on via Seriola which takes you from that side.

Riviera del Brenta, Canale Nuovissimo


Follow Via Seriola until the end.
You arrive in Dolo, near the gates of the Brenta.

Dolo, Riviera del Brenta

It is worthwhile to reach “Isola Bassa” of Dolo to see the “squero”, and the Molini, where you can stop for lunch or just to refresh yourself a little.

From Dolo to Agriturismo Ca’ Marcello along the Riviera del Brenta

On the way back, take Via Vego Scocco (turn right at the Via Seriola exit), and continue along Via Brenta Bassa.
You come across several villas such as Villa Angeli (visitable garden), Villa Badoer Fattoretto, Villa Tito and Villa Velluti, Villa dei Leoni, Villa Valier, Villa Widmann and the Barchesse Villa Valmarana, and many others.

Riviera del Brenta, Villa Tito, Venezia

Villa Widmann, Mira, Riviera del Brenta
Continue along the Riviera del Brenta to Mira and then Oriago and finally arrive at the Agriturismo Ca ‘Marcello.

 Ponte pedonale Oriagi, Riviera del Brenta

Map of the itinerary along the Riviera del Brenta

Riviera del Brenta in bicicletta

Information for the round bike tour of the Riviera del Brenta

Departure and Arrival: Agriturismo Ca’ Marcello
Easy route mostly on secondary roads.
Total kilometers 28

Other things to do and see in  Riviera del Brenta

Villa Foscari a Malcontenta

Villa Widmann Foscari a Mira

Villa Pisani di Stra


Oasi WWF Valle Averto