South lagoon of Venice: Pellestrina and Ca’ Roman

Pellestrina and Ca’ Roman via Chioggia

The islands of Pellestrina and Ca’ Roman can be reached mainly from Chioggia in 15 minutes by vaporetto (the public water transport of Venice).
Giove parking is, in our opinion, the most practical place to park. If you park on the terrace, you pay half the price.
From there you can reach the center of Chioggia in a few minutes thanks to a pedestrian bridge that crosses the Lombard Canal.
If you choose to go on Thursday, you can stop at the lively Chioggia market.

Chioggia, laguna di Venezia

Chioggia, Laguna di Venezia

Some glimpses of Chioggia

We then take the vaporetto to Ca’ Roman / Pellestrina. The cost of the ticket is 10.00 euros (return trip). But you can use any card that includes all water and non-water transport in Venice (Venezia Unica city pass or one of the 24, 48, 72 hour time tickets of the ACTV company).

Lipu oasis Ca’ Roman

Ca Roman Oasi Lipu, laguna di Venezia

The stop at Ca ‘Roman is on request and therefore we ask that the vaporetto stop to drop us off.
Ca’ Roman has one of the best preserved dune environments in the entire upper Adriatic. It is a small island that boasts a great fauna richness. It is located on one of the most important migration routes and in spring and autumn many species of birds use it to rest and refresh themselves before resuming their journey.
We have seen sandpipers, lots of sandpipers!

Ca Roman Oasi Lipu, laguna di Venezia

Ca Roman Oasi Lipu, laguna di Venezia

Ca Roman Oasi Lipu, laguna di Venezia

Around the oasis there are several information panels, including how the island itself was born.
There are paths to follow, which lead to the beach and in the middle of the woods.
The beach is wild and is kept clean only by man-made waste.

From here we walk back to the vaporetto stop and decide to walk the murazzi, which are the dam that protects the Venetian lagoon from the sea, and which connect Ca’ Roman to Pellestrina.

Ca Roman Oasi Lipu, laguna di Venezia

Pellestrina, an island to discover.

As you get closer to Pellestrina you begin to see the colorful houses and the numerous fishing boats.

Ca Roman Oasi Lipu, laguna di Venezia

From the moment you arrive, you immediately understand that there are no frenetic rhythms we are used to.

A timeless atmosphere …

This is the title of a small guide that the tourist agency of the island (Ape Tours) gave us to visit the island.

Pellestrina, laguna di Venezia

Pellestrina, laguna di Venezia

We decided to rent bicycles to discover the island (the agency itself rent bikes, but other places as well), to fully enjoy the atmosphere of Pellestrina. The itinerary also indicated by the signs, runs mostly on the lagoon side, which is certainly the most beautiful. On the other side there is the dam (murazzi).

Santuario Madonna dell'Apparizione

Santuario Madonna dell’Apparizione

The Sanctuary of the Madonna dell’Apparizione is an important landmark for the island. Every year they remember the apparition of the Madonna on August 4th.
On August 4, 1716, Our Lady appeared, under the guise of an elderly woman, to a silent fourteen-year-old boy. He ordered him to tell the parish priest to celebrate masses for the souls in purgatory if they wanted to have victory. It was in fact the period of the war with the Turks that the Venetians defeated the day after the apparition of the Madonna.
 We continue along the cycle route to San Pietro in Volta, and we stop at one of the bakeries where both sweet and savory bussolai are made. Obviously we stock up on it, and we take some things to have lunch on the beach.
We park the bikes and head to the murazzi and then to the beach. Here nature dominates, but unfortunately there are traces (sometimes numerous) of the passage of people who do not respect the place.
Pellestrina, laguna di Venezia
The we head back to the bike rental and take the vaporetto to go back in Chioggia.
   We have described the visit starting from Chioggia. But you can also start from Fusina from June to September on weekends. The connection is with San Pietro in Volta. So you can reach the island much more comfortably by starting directly by bike from Agriturismo Ca’ Marcello 😉
Note that you can go by bike along the dam from Pellestrina to Ca’ Roman.