Riviera del Brenta: Villa Pisani in Stra

Villa Pisani, Stra

Villa Pisani is the most impressive of the villas on the Riviera del Brenta.
This casket shows its visitors the frescoed rooms by Tiepolo, by Guarana, the scenic stables, and the spectacular labyrinth. The park of the villa has won the “Most beautiful park in Italy 2008” award.

The interiors of  Villa Pisani

The central body of the villa,has the entrance on the ground floor and on the first floor the ball room, developed in double height and flanked by two small rooms.Villa Pisani, affresco stanza interno, Riviera del Brenta, venezia

The staircase right next to the entrance leads to the main floor.
There are thirty rooms  that can be visited; most of the furnishings are not original, lost after the family’s economic decline, and partly replaced by the subsequent owners.

The ballroom is the real jewel of the villa, a vast and luminous environment, with a hanging gallery protected by a rich carved and gilded wooden ruler that runs all around and which is supported by false pilasters and Corinthian columns. In the ceiling the grandiose fresco by Giambattista Tiepolo “Gloria di casa Pisani”.

Villa Pisani, sala da ballo, Riviera del Brenta, venezia

The park of Villa Pisani

Villa Pisani, giardino, Riviera del Brenta, Venezia

The park immediately presents itself in its magnificence as soon as you leave the villa.
In front of the visitor there is a long water basin (added in the early 1900s) that closes with the stables.
But it’s all the part of the garden around that hides details you do not expect.

Villa Pisani, Stra, Riviera del Brenta
We start from the labyrinth, with the central tower surrounded by two spiral staircases: there is always a clerk on the turret to indicate the road for those who can not find the way to the center of the labyrinth.

Villa Pisani, Stra, Riviera del Brenta

Exedra. Pic by Furio Brigo

Then there is the terraced exedra, a small architectural capriccio that you can appreciate just stand there in the middle

Villa Pisani, Stra

the former ice-house where the ladies went to cool off, taking advantage of the cool that came from the ice-house that was used to store food

Villa Pisani, Stra, Riviera del Brenta

the greenhouses and the orangery full of eighteenth-century statues.

Near the stables there is access to an annex that now offers a small café, shaded by ancient trees.

Villa Pisani, Stra, Riviera del Brenta

Useful information to visit Villa Pisani

From Agriturismo Ca’ Marcello to Villa Pisani, take the direction of Padua following the Brenta.
Villa Pisani suddenly appears on your right. Parking place is right at the beginning of the villa park area and then you walk to the entrance.

Openings: open every day from Tuesday to Sunday. Closed on Monday, except bank holidays.
Times change depending on the period and it is therefore advisable to consult the official website of the Museo Nazionale Villa Pisani. The site also contains information on the opening of the maze (in the winter months is closed) and information on any exhibitions.

Enrance: visit of villa and park in full 10,00 euros – Reduced 7.50 euros (18-25 years)
only visit of the entire park 7.50 euros – Reduced 5.00 euros (18-25 years)
Free ticket for EU citizens under the age of 18.

Villa Pisani, giardino, Riviera del Brenta, Venezia

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