Riviera del Brenta: the pedestrian bridge of Oriago

The Brenta canal can count several bridges crossing it. Mira is the area with most of the bridges of the Riviera del Brenta, and each one has its own peculiarity. Most of them are revolving bridges. When a boat passes, there are workers who operate the mechanism to turn it on themselves, blocking access to cars and pedestrians.

Ponte pedonale Oriagi, Riviera del Brenta

The pedestrian walkway of Oriago on the “Naviglio Brenta”

We focus on the pedestrian bridge of Oriago, built to replace a “passo”, consisting of a ferry service between one side and another of the Brenta.

The heartfelt request of the inhabitants of the area to have a fixed connection between the two banks of the river, sent to the mayor of Oriago in 1867 began as follows:
Nothing is certainly more conducive to favoring social development both in terms of intelligence and civilization as well as in material economic interests, as the  easy communications of the inhabitants of neighboring territories.

Passerella pedonale, Riviera del Brenta

The first bridge in Oriago arrived in 1872, the year in which, according to some documents, the pedestrian walkway was inaugurated.

Until a few years ago the walkway ran on rails that were part of the road on Riviera San Pietro.
It is built in iron, with a pedestrian level formed by wooden crosspieces. It is supported by a pylon in the center, consisting of four columns.

Ponte pedonale, Riviera del Brenta

The opening was done manually and the bridge ran on the rails until 2006, when a modification was made to operate the mechanism electronically, and the rails were removed.

The plaque dedicated to Adele Zara

The pedestrian bridge has a plaque on the right (coming from Riviera San Pietro) dedicated to Adele Zara.

Ponte pedonale Oriago, Riviera del Brenta

Adele Zara was proclaimed “Righteous among the Nations” in 1996.
In 1943, the family of Fulvia Levi, who was then 10 years old, was fleeing from Trieste to the Brenta Riviera, to escape the Nazi persecutions. Here they have met Adele Zara who gave them shelter, and a roof, a family, where they stayed until the end of the conflict.
With the celebrations of the day of memory, it is honored to Adele Zara, right in front of  Palazzo Zara where lies the pedestrian bridge.

Ponte pedonale Riviera del Brenta

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